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Hi there!

We're Pixel Flame Studios, a 6 person team of 2nd Year Students from The Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne.

Whimsical Wares is our final Major Project for our Advanced Diplomas. Our goal for the game is to learn the processes developing a game for mobile (specifically iOS & Android), and have a game we can include on our portfolios when applying for work within our local industry.

About Whimsical Wares

Whimsical Wares is a store simulation game for single player on Android & iOS. The aim of the game is to give the roaming Tax Collector his due, while maintaining a successful and thriving store. To do this, you have to ensure that your shelves are always stocked, lest you anger your customers. You collect stock for your store by sending adventurers out, who return with goods and produce you can sell.



Cara Dykes - Johnson

Taliesin Kaine

Design & Production

Emily Latta -


Rhys Boer -

David Quoc Nguyen

Quality Assurance

David Mulgrue


WhimsicalWares_PC Build.zip 31 MB
WhimsicalWares_AndroidBuild.zip 36 MB
WhimsicalWares_iOSBuild.zip 265 MB

Install instructions

Android Installation Instructions -

Download an app onto your phone to install the APK, like APK Installer. When this is done, download the .zip file from itch.io, unzip it, and put the APK file onto your phone, like the Downloads.

Open your APK installer app, find the Whimsical Wares APK, and install it onto your phone. Please note you will have to allow untrusted sources on your phone to download the file.

iOS Installation Instructions - 

 To install the iOS build on your iPhone, please use these instructions, from "Building the sample project to your device using Xcode" onward. You will need Mac OS  & XCode. 

PC Installation Instructions - 

Download .zip file and unzip it into your folder of preference. Keep both files that came in the .zip file together. Run the .exe file.