A downloadable app for Android


People are unique, and with the rise of social media and electronic communication, everyone wants to leave their mark- whether it’s quirky, professional, or just plain unique. However, not everyone has the resources or confidence to make something that reflects what they want.

How can we fix this?


Enter Make Faces, an app for your Android smartphone.

Using the app, the user can customise a portrait that is unique to them with a variety of skin tones, eyes, hair, noses, accessories, and other options. When the user is happy with their creation, they can save the picture and use it on social media as they please!


Make Faces is currently in development, and the build you can download here is a very early alpha build- there are definitely a few bugs! Many features and assets are missing, but the basic functionality of the app is working. 


Cole Williams - Art, Design

Emily Latta - Production, Design

Rhys Boer - Programming

Cassandra Gray - Marketing & Social Media


MakeFacesAlpha.apk 25 MB

Install instructions

Download an .apk file onto your phone (you may need to install an app like APK Installer - if you do, please continue reading through the second paragraph). The .apk should automatically begin installing. You'll have to allow untrusted sources on your phone to download the file.

If you needed to use an APK installer, find the Make Faces APK, and install it onto your phone that way.