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Extraterrestrial Transmissions

Extraterrestrial Transmissions was born at Global Game Jam 2018, in Melbourne. A small update was applied afterward, before publishing here on itch.io.


Use the A & D keys on your keyboard to tune the radio, find the right frequency, and send your message to signal your friends. Having speakers or headphones for this game is recommended.

Design: Emily Latta  /  Programming: Rhys Boer

Art: Candice Smith, Nicole Williams, Mila Vasiutynska

Audio: Caitlin Hopwood  /  Animation: Mixamo  /  Music: Bensound


Extraterrestrial Transmissions - A GGJ18 Game 27 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, and extract to the desired location on your PC. Ensure the .exe and _data folder are in the same location. Launch the .exe and enjoy!